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Our Capabilities

TS TECH is a manufacturer of automotive interior components, and our flagship product is automotive seating.

TS Tech have invested heavily in all of our global plants for the manufacture of seat assemblies, frame structures, trim covers and headrests. In addition, many regions have production capabilities for the manufacture of door linings and motor cycle seats.

In the UK, we have production capabilities for seat assembly, frame manufacture, (including MIG, SPOT and projection welding, riveting and tube manipulation), and foam in place head restraint manufacturing.

Our current capacity is as follows;

  • Seat Assembly: 2 lines producing up to 500 cars sets per shift
  • Frame Weld: Multiple cells producing front and rear seat frames up to 350 sets per shift
  • Foam in Place: 2 machines producing up to 3,000 head restraints per shift

In addition, our state of the art inventory system has the capacity to store up to 1,100 seat sets, with automatic picking and loading for just in time delivery to the customer.

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