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Who we are

TS TECH is a manufacturer of automotive interior components, and our flagship product is automotive seating.

A warm welcome to TS Tech UK Ltd.

Since we established TS Tech in the UK in 1999 we have grown over the years from to employing around 410 associates with the capacity to supply up to 430 seat sets per day. We are proud of our environmental friendliness, our safety standards, and the diversity of our associates and our ability to provide our Customer with high-quality automotive seating and trims.

We appreciate all our stakeholders, customers, business partners, past and present associates and directors as none of this would be possible without their support.

Our people vision is to be a company dedicated to realizing our associates’ potential and to work together in harmony, respecting one another and working hard to achieve our aims.

With our Company’s unique research, development and production capabilities, we will continue to focus on the ‘science of sitting’ as we strive to create comfortable, high quality, innovative products at a competitive price for our customers worldwide.

As the global market changes an intense competition is expected as industries look forward to new and innovative solutions. We look forward to working towards our 2020 vision of “Innovative quality” with all our stakeholders and to realise our mission to be a self-reliant global supplier of automotive interior systems that is appreciated by all its stakeholders and existing in harmony with society.

Ryuichi Kanamori
Managing Director

  • 1960

    Established Tokyo Seat Co. Ltd

  • 1963

    Began producing automobile seats

  • 1977

    Expanded to North America

  • 1994

    Expanded to Asia

  • 1996

    Expanded to South America

  • 1997

    Changed company name to TS Tech Co. Ltd

  • 1999

    Expanded to Europe - TS Tech UK established

  • 2001

    Expanded to China

  • 2007

    Listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange

  • 2010

    TS Tech Co. Ltd 50th Anniversary

  • 2019

    TS Tech UK 20th Anniversary

  • 2020

    TS Tech Co. Ltd 60th Anniversary

Corporate Facts

With a wide range of global products, TS Tech an international manufacturer of interior components for automotives, and our flagship product is vehicle seats.

Our Principles

We shall provide comfortable, high-quality products at a competitive price for our customers worldwide, always pursuing the infinite possibilities of manufacturing.

Established in 14
Countries Worldwide

Since 1977 TS Tech have actively pursued a global expansion strategy. It first established a presence in North America and has grown to 46 establishments spanning 14 countries. 

Our Beliefs

We are dedicated to realising people’s potential.
We believe that people are what make a company, so we practice management with high regard for peoples’ potential.

Preferred Seat supplier to the
Honda Group

TS TECH’s main customer is Honda Motor Co., Ltd. Roughly 60% of Honda automobiles manufactured worldwide are fitted with seats supplied by the Company.